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Hello, good morning,

The email with which I created this account in TechCommunity is from my university, but I already graduated and the university disabled our email, so I don't have it anymore. It doesn't let me change the email as in the image I share.




How could I change the access email of this account or, in any case, how could I receive help to make a transfer of all the information, questions and achievements obtained here to a new account with a personal email? I would like to move absolutely everything so as not to lose anything.


Thank you very much for your time and help.

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Hi Luis

Stubled upon the same issue and as it seems unfortunately it is not possible as per Communities FAQ's

Good news is that you can transfer some of the data onto a new account, but you need contact the support


Here is a direct link to an anwser

Can I merge or transfer the account I use to login to the Microsoft Tech Community - Microsoft Commu...

Also another user raised similar issue here:
ISSUE - cannot change my account's email address - Microsoft Community Hub

I just went ahead and created a new account, which is this one I am posting from now.
I hope this helps.

Hi @LuisElCaminante 

These are the official guidelines, I hope the MTC team will be able to help you :)

Can I merge or transfer the account I use to login to the Microsoft Tech Community - Microsoft Commu...

@LuisElCaminante Hello! We replied directly via email, but yes, as per that FAQ that was posted, we can only transfer over the contributor level and any roles you have received, and happy to do so once you've created a new account as per our email.


We can't merge accounts or change the email address on your current account given your specific circumstances (your university owning that other account). Sorry about that. 


Let's continue this conversation directly over email, but I wanted to respond here for other folks' awareness.



I faced the same problem and found a workaround.
They simply mess with the disabled property in the input fields.


Here are the steps:
1. Go to that page
2. Open Web Inspector
3. Select the input field and it should jump to the corresponding html part like this:
<input aria-describedby="newEmail_1254152c266b96c_0-validationHelp" class="lia-form-new-email-input lia-form-type-text lia-form-input-vertical" maxlength="80" value="" id="newEmail_1254152c266b96c" name="newEmail" type="text" disabled="">

4. Delete that "disable" property & press Enter. 

5. Do the same for the second input field.

6. Change the email.


I tried that and changed it. The email verification was smooth. Everything seems to work after that.


Hope that helps,


Have a nice day!

Despite the fact that I changed my email.
Despite the fact that I received a verification letter and was able to complete it successfully.
Despite the fact that I was able to log into my account, reply to your post, and so on.
It doesn't work for now.
After the timeout, I was thrown out of my account and I couldn't log in to it again using a new email. But it turned out to go with the old one. The old one is in the settings again.
It's kind of surreal, to be honest.
I hope it will be fixed someday.