Change in my tagging from super contributor to Regular contributor

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I was ranked Super contributor on July 18-2023 today when i check I become a regular contributor wondering why that happened

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Happened to me too. I think they must have changed the thresholds :(
Maybe but what makes sense @Pernille-Eskebo must provide some guidance or else we are in dark and assuming certain things

@Chandrasekhar_Arya  Hi,

This can be a profile cache error - MTC is constantly being upgraded and sometimes, the number of likes decreases because the whole thread is deleted, etc.

Revocation of rank is unlikely to happen, for sure it will be explained with a few days :)




Cache on server side or on client one? If on server user shall not care about that.

@Sergei Baklan  

of course I meant -> loading memory on the MTC server - for the MTC Member profile :)


So you confirm that is an error on MTC server site, doesn't matter that is cache or something else.

@Sergei Baklan  

I don't have permission to confirm the server error - that's just my guess.

@Chandrasekhar_Arya Hello! If you did achieve Super Contributor status previously, that was likely an error which we've now fixed as you had not met the requirements. You are currently close to the threshold for Super Contributor so if you continue to contribute to Tech Community you should see your status change soon. Sorry for any confusion! 

How should I know what are the thresholds that keeps me move above the ladder is it no of likes , no of response or best response etc any guidance


Hi, I remember that once I saw such a table - but these were not precise thresholds, so it depends on many factors, eg the number of logins in the MTC profile, the time of logins, the number of replies, the number of best answers, likes are rather not decisive, but this is just my private opinion, which I added based on experience in MTC.

Best regards.


In brief, you never know. Algorithms are confidential. They could be changed from time to time. More you active, more chances to have higher rank. That's all.




Our ranking system is designed to reward users for a variety of behaviors in the community. This naturally leads to significant complexity which would not be a simple matter to explain. It is based around some core tenets:
  • Logins
  • Views
  • Like
  • Number of posts
  • Best Solutions
  • length of time a user has been a member
  • special ranks given to special groups like employees or MVPs

We also believe participation in our community should be organic and we don't want people to participate solely to rank up or attempt to game the system. Keep contributing and you'll rank up soon enough!

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@Eric Starker Hi,

I suggest rewarding for marking (the best answer,) It should be the responsibility of the author, I see a lot of posts without marking despite valuable answers-> given to the author of the post.

However, the post does not have the best answer marked - it is disregard and disrespect for selfless help.

@A1 The best place for suggestions like these is here: 


That's where our technical lead can track them and prioritize based on popularity and feasibility. 



Simply focus on providing good comments and inputs, and care less about what contributor rank you have.

@Bjoern Rapp  

Yes, this is an important thing for many, of course I've been here a long time and I stopped caring about it!

But recognition and appreciation by others -> is an additional motivation

Best regards

@Bjoern Rapp  

"Simply focus on providing good comments and inputs, and care less about what contributor rank you have."

Thank you for your contribution to MTC, I see that you have been here since 2016 and this is your 7th post - congratulations!