Cannot change my avatar

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I cannot change my avatar. I am using Google Chrome with no add-ons / extensions. When I click the "Upload an Avatar" the dialogue is just blank.




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try using incognito mode in chrome.
if that doesn't work, use another browser.

I just tried it right now, using Edge browser, it's working fine.
Wie kan mij helpen! Laatste bladzijde wordt niet volledig afgedrukt


@etikhove9680 wrote:
Who can help me! Last page is not printed in full

Please open a new topic in the correct and related community:


also be more specific and provide more details.


I was having similar problems, for me, the preview didn't update/render correctly in Chrome. Data transfer as such seemed to work fine, at least my avatar appears. Looks like the MS developers didn't bother testing in "standard" browsers, only in Edge - in the 1990s that was common procedure to try and force people into one "ecosystem" :)

Tongue out of cheek: Have you tried the usual workarounds like clearing your cache, allowing all cookies (at least temporarily), using incognito for a test, switching off (or on) hardware acceleration for rendering in Chrome? If you can get the "save" button to appear (it might just be an "Ajax" issue, check your network activity in dev tab) you should be fine if your avatar is square and laid out the way you want it.

Marc Albrecht