Can you please stop changing the layout/navigation?

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Just when I'm comfortably used to the next iteration, and you change everything all over again. How do I get to the page listing all my favourited spaces now? I have to browse the Communities instead, and select the spaces one by one, takes me 10 times more clicks to go over it. The Dashboard is no longer available ( redirects to the Home page and is useless now).

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Actually, if people like @VasilMichev and @Juan Carlos González Martín reduce their commitment to the community because UI changes interfere with the way they review posts and try to help people, including escalating to relevant engineering groups, that would be a much bigger impact and loss to the community than if I left...

Hi all,


Thanks again for your feedback, I am going to look into how we can solve this for the power users.


The old system only let you favourite boards but the new subscribe will let you subscribe to a whole product, an individual space within that product or an individual thread within that space.


I had incorrectly assumed that the extremely low views of the old 'My Home', i.e. less than 0.0001% of users in each day visited it, meant no one was really using it and the users I had spoken to were not MVPs so my apologies for not sufficiently canvassing on this change before committing to it. 


I am going to use this as an opportunity to hopefully come up with an even better solution that will not only allow you to get to the content your most interested in quickly but possibly, in the future, allow you to make your community front page the new 'My Home' rather than the generic page we show today.


Basically giving you the ability to customize what content gets surfaced to you and how. This is going to be a bit of a longer term project but for now I will look into how we can at least re-create something very similar to the old heart menu.


I will give you an update on timeframes as soon as I can. 

The MVP program maintains statistics about the people who contribute to the MTC. You would be well advised to talk to the major contributors to understand how people navigate within and use the MTC. Telemetry is notoriously exposed as fallible when compared against the real-life activity of people who add (or try to add) value.

Hi all,


Again I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for your feedback, it's always greatly appreciated.


I have been speaking with our developers about this and we are, initially, going to revert this change while we have a re-think on how best to do this while also ensuring that we meet the ongoing needs of our MVPs and other regular contributors. The feedback you have given above around this feature will be taken into account and factored into our future design.


I will update this thread as soon as we are ready to release this update.


Thanks again for your patience. 

And the heart is back.

Great. Perhaps the next time the team who maintains the MTC considers some fundamental change in the UI, they might contact some of the more active users to learn what's good and not so good in the UI?


thanks, @Allen and to the team :)



Aaaaaand it's gone again...


I just checked and it’s still there. We did have an issue with the site this morning which may have caused you to load a cached version.. to check either clear your temporary internet files or open an “in private” browser.

Let me know if your still not seeing it.

Thanks! That's going to make navigating as easy as it was... though maybe not as engaging as it could be... evidenced the by fact that I was able to completely forget I "joined" several communities or spaces and never saw heads or tails of them again. Looking forward to seeing what you eventually come up with!

Completely agree with this.

@Allen it's simple, I log in once or twice a day and I want to see what's new, or follow up on any threads I've participated in.