Bug - Some Profiles are not SSL Secured

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Some MVP and "Super Contributor" and "Valued Contributor" and a list of other "Contributor" ranks; they are not SSL secured.

For example, Sergei Baklan:


and Reza Ameri's profile, HotCakeX's profile, I could keep going on and on.


P.S. How did Mr. Baklan get 10,498 posts and 1,082 best responses?!

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Yes, profile page is shown as not secured


but it looks like only for that page. For any other


But I'm not a specialist in this stuff, if something is to be adjusted on my site please advise.


Second question - how 10K appeared or why only each 10th is the best? I'm here for bit more than 50 months (ID 521), that's in average 200 posts per month or 6-7 per day. 3 at the beginning of the day, 3 by the end - that's realistic. Bets responses - I'm not so skilled to receive more. In general I don't care about best responses and likes, it goes as it goes.


Second screenshot disappeared from previous post and I'm not able to add it in Edit mode. Here it is


@Sergei Baklan Yes, only for that page. I'm wondering why there's no Eric Starker here @my post?...

@Kam , that's more question for Allen, but I'd don't ping them directly with each concrete question. Team is monitoring this Community Discussion and sooner or later someone will comment. They have a lot of activities behind the scene.

@Sergei Baklan Thanks for your help!
P.S. Also Eric Starker