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Hi all,


I constantly see a notification badge at my message showing me that I have an unread message (See screenshot). But when I open the messages I have no new or unread message. Can anyone guide me on where to submit this error/bug? 




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@mmancina Please e-mail techcommunity@microsoft.com and they may be able to look into it further.
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Thanks for posting, I am seeing similar behavior here, I suspect it has something to do with the way we cache the menu but I will get our engineers to dig into it.


Sorry about the delay in replying but its been a busy week!


Anyone else reading this - you do not need to email our team if you have a bug, you can totally post it here and we will follow up.


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We should also look at what happens to attachments with really long filenames!
@Allen Yeah! It goes over the boundary of the message frame.
Hi Allen,

no worries :) Thanks for taking up on this.