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Hi there,

I got a notification, that I earned my 3 years' badge. This brings me to a page, which URL looks like this:
This page shows a number of badges. If I look on the achievements page in my profile, the number of achievements listed there differs from the number listed on the special badges page. Why?

And, it seems that I can not access the badges page from my profile. Why?



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@Mourad Louha , interesting. Finally I found the page you mentioned, same story. In my case two extra badges are


Perhaps they are not supported any more. Anyway, I could only agree these two actually are not achievements, as well as some others.

Hi @SergeiBaklan,

yes, maybe they are no more supported. I have 4 more on the badges pages as in the achievements page, including the two one you mentionned and Add Bio, Set Location. I don't care too much of badges, but I think, that when a user receives a badge notification and is redirected to a page, that is not accessible from the profile, it is confusing.



@Mourad Louha 

Add Bio is in both collections. Location still isn't set.

I used badges at the beginning to calculate some MTC stats and compared with O365 network. Badges were practically the only source of information. I didn't check them for a long while, but it's still some interesting figures here. For example

- Member of the week, earned by 237. Assuming one new member in a week and with 53 weeks in a year (actually some less) we have 4.5 years. But MCT exists from June 2016, half an year less.

- 100K milestone earned by 99,611. Where another 389 disappeared?


That's more weekend exercises, nothing serious.

@SergeiBaklan / @Mourad Louha 


I am a little puzzled by the badges question because I see all of them even if I view them with your user and not mine. If this is still an issue for you both could you save the page as a PDF file and email it to me?


Now the 'awarded number' totally get why your querying it.


So in the early days (and occasionally since) we have awarded two members of the week, which is why so many folks have it.


As for why only 99k members have the 100k member badge, the difference will be users who have since closed their account, which anonymizes and removes all user associated activity from the metrics.


Hope this helps

Hi @Allen 

thanks for the explanations and thanks for investigating. I still see differences on my profile and just sent you an e-mail with PDFs attached of both url's.



@Allen ,

Thank you. Yes, your explanation is helpful.

I emailed PDF:s of both pages as well. Not only number of badges is different, pages security also. I checked with Edge Chromium.


Have a nice weekend

@Mourad Louha @SergeiBaklan @Allen 

I started a list here: 

Feel free to let me know if you see something missing.

Thank you.