Authentication timeout is still far too low.


The authentication timeout for this network has been increased, but it's still woefully low. The constant reauth is a serious disincentive to use. Neither the former Yammer based Office 365 network, nor the Power BI network (also on Lithium) times out so frequently. The PBI network timeout is days, and is significantly more usable.

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We're aware of this and working through our options. Thank you for the feedback. 

Same here, I'm sick of having to login all the time, despite never closing my browser. It's even worse when trying to use it on a mobile device!
You would have noticed that this has increased somewhat! We will post an announcement detailing all the updates we've made in the last month soon. We've been busy ramping up to Ignite and we're about to take community to multiple cities via the Microsoft Tech Summits ( so we're definitely at maximum capacity! Just wanted to shoot you a quick note to see if you've noticed the difference.
Hi @Anna Chu, when will this be increased, I'm getting very tired of having to sing in multiple times every day, despite having the community open in a Chrome pinned tab all day.

This was increased a number of weeks ago.  It has been set to 24 hours.  I am assuming you're using the same browser each time you log in?

Hi Anna, Yes I use Chrome as my primary browser and have the community open in a pinned tab all day long, just like I do for a selection of other systems I login to such as my Office 365, and it logs me out approximately every 4 hours. I've cleaned my cache, cookies, history... the lot, several times. Also happens on my laptop. Getting rather annoying. It was annoying enough that my Office 365 portal would log out every 8 hours, because I generally work 14 hour days. At least I was able to run a powershell script to prevent log outs within my office.

Hi @Jason Rhodes sorry to hear this is your current experience.  We will look into this for you and see if the previous settings were reverted.  We definitely implemented the 24 hour time out so will find out why this is happening for you.

Hi @Anna Chu. I still need to login EVERY single time I open the Tech Community!

I don't understand why: can't you simply use cookies like everybody else?

Please, please, please correct this incredible behaviour!

Thank you very much.

@Salvatore Biscari is this happening multiple times a day or just once a day?

@Anna Chu

Every single time I close and subsequently reopen the browser! (Edge)

Hi @Salvatore Biscari look for a PM - we'll work with you to resolve this for you.