Assistance Needed: Appeal for Microsoft Certification Profile Ban Removal

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Hello Microsoft Tech Community,


I am reaching out in hopes of connecting with someone from the Microsoft Learn Security Team. Unfortunately, there has been a misunderstanding during one of my exams, resulting in a ban on my Microsoft Certification Profile from scheduling or taking any further certification exams.


I have made several appeals for the removal of the ban but have not yet received a response from the Microsoft Learn Security Team. The certification I am pursuing is critical for my professional development and career advancement.


I kindly request assistance from the community or any team member who can guide me on how to resolve this issue. Your help in lifting this ban would be immensely appreciated.


Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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There is no one here from the Microsoft Learn Security Team or the ability to connect you there. Sorry about that. This is the Microsoft Tech Community Discussion space intended for discussion about the Microsoft Tech Community website only.


Please reach out here:


Credentials support | Microsoft Learn

Thank you for your insights.

I am writing here just to find out any way out if it's possible from here. Despite my emails, I haven't received any response from Microsoft Learn Security Team, which is quite frustrating.

Could you advise on any alternative ways to address this issue?

Thank you again for your support.
Unfortunately, posting in an inappropriate channel such as this one is not going to speed up your inquiry.

I don't have any alternative ways to share with you to address the issue. I work as a community manager here on the Microsoft Tech Community and that is the extent of my expertise. I've shared with you all the resources I'm aware of.

Sorry about that!
It's okay. Anyway, thank you so much for your insights.