Asking For Help Through Private Messages

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Hi all,


From time to time I receive a private message from someone asking me for help.

I was answering their questions, but recently I don't!


And I send them a message like this:




I advise you to post your question in the <space name> of the <community name>.


This is more useful for you as your question will be seen by many experts out there, so you may get several answers and find that one of them is the best and more convenient for you.

You can ask me here, I may give you the answer or I cannot, and if I give you an answer, there may be someone else who has a better answer than my answer, so I encourage you to post the question in the community.

Another reason for that
The answer may require to provide you with an attachment file, and this is not available on private messages.





I think this is something worth discussing!

Any thoughts?

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it didn't happen to me here but in other communities. And I give a similar answer.


The helpers in the communities give some of their spare time to help others for free. But they decide what problems to solve and how much time to invest.





Thank you!


Actually, I forgot to mention something important!

Posting the problem in the community could help other people that have the same or similar issue.

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Absolutely, we much prefer to keep these conversations public so they can help as many users as possible. It shouldn't feel like your participation is just offering one-on-one advice or individualized tech support.