Are these bugs here or that's my low skills?


1) In Community dashboard (not in every one, in some) i see no unread posts mentioned. But they definitely are. On subscription i receive this or that message  was posted. Zero new posts on community screen. With recent behavior it's practically impossible to find unreads.


2) Writing new post if i forgot to add the label and push the Post - it disappears. Bit more of my time goes to garbage. Previously it reminded i have to add the label.


Yes, I'm on Vivaldi which no one supports - repeated on IE11, same story.


Is one of moderators here to comment?

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@Michael Holste@Anna Chu, please help with this. If everyone is in vacation i'll wait, just let me know if someone available.

Hey Sergei, 


We still have some issues with unread/read poss and comments. it's something we are working on an improving step by step. Thanks for reaching out and your patience! 


Side note: Do you like Vivaldi? I've never tried it. 

Hi Mike,


I appreciate your efforts to make this resource better and better, it's really great. But... Unread posts is the headache from very beginning. If early it was quite hard to find what's unread, now i even can't recognize if something new appears or not (sometime after July 20).  I'm sorry, but the quality of recent updates becomes more and more worse. I could be wrong, that's just my impression. I don't know you have wrong vendors, or you have no own better environment to test before deployment, or what.


And most disturbing thing is communications. Being in software development business I believe more than 50% here is communications, the rest is development, coding and testing. Your silent updates when we don't know that was update, or something is wrong in our environment, that's new features appears (which i may like or not) by design, or that's another bugs, etc. - lack of information is annoying.


Please keep as informed - people always appreciate that.


Vivaldi - it's not perfect and has a lot of things to be improved. But it's  fast and not consume a lot of resources as Chrome or Edge and has it's own small nice features. If you are looking for these and that extensions and sync of bookmarks that's not your choice. Other words that's not universal tool. So far -i hope. But i like it as old fan of Opera. Plus i like to work with something new, even if it has low chances to survive (like Sailfish OS in mobile). Actually I'm between Edge, Vivaldi and Opera. 



Hey Sergei, 


We appreciate your candid feedback. We aren't just fixing the unread, we are actually working to improve discoverability by adding additional filters (including All, Recent, Experts) to the home feed and adding 'more discussions' expansion at the bottom. We'll have unread (denoted by the red line on the side of the discussion) at the space + community levels so you can keep an eye on the lastest content. We're also working to add a footer component on spaces and threads that will pull people back into spaces (similar to a Related Conversations widget). These enhancements will make stumbling through the community, finding exciting posts, and keeping up to date with recent conversations much easier. 


The latest updates were mostly bug fixes. As we approach Ignite, part of our dev focus has shifted to be able to host content and design the community experience for the event. Unfortunately, we only have so many dev resources and so much time, so we are splitting overall community improvements + ignite needs (which will ultimately benefit the entire community as we add styling and functionality). 


Thanks for background about Vivaldi. I used to be a fan of Opera as well so may have to check it out.

Hi Mike,


Thank you for sharing the plans and activities in progress. However, let me explain bit more what i mean under wrong behaviour with unread messages. All screenshots below are done using Edge.

1) From email notifications i know for sure i have two unread so far posts, one from you, another one in Excel community. Alert says the same.


2) Before reading them i checked the communities - no sign i have something unread.


3) After that i opened the conversation with your recent post, and yes, see blue strips. On all posts, not only on unread one.


Same story if that's not a reply but new post/conversation - i have to find it somehow and open, only after that i see blue strips. By the way, Anna Chu mentioned some ago what red strips are visible only for admins, not for ordinary users.


Above behaviour not for all communities, i checked some where i'm not active. Here at least I see number of unread messages in tiles. But no way to see in which threads they are, some ago that was the variant of the site where subjects for the threads with unread post were bolded - that disappeared after another update.

Perhaps such behaviour is for communities where i subscribed on spaces, perhaps something else - so far was not able to find the reason on my site. And the same is on my mobiles (Edge on W10M, Opera Coast on iOS10), checked right now. 





I was wondering what those blue stripes were! So they are unread posts but like you said they seem to light up all posts in a thread, when there is new content since the last visit, including the ones I have already seen.