An Issue With Double Quotes In String Values

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I am a software engineer that is going to be tasked with debugging a power app.


The app currently acquires a CSV file from an email account and parses it into a JSON file and then uses that file to load a power point list. And from there, the data is loaded into another file. The bug seems to be that character strings are altered by having double quotes at the beginning and end of the strings. This causes a logical flaw since strings are used in comparison and so we can get a false negative when we are comparing two strings which should be identical.


Is there a simple command which strips double quotes from strings that can be incorporated in a power BI set of steps?


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Hello wm-thompson,

What language is the app written in. I have yet to come across a programming language that did not have some sort of string manipulation (object, process, etc...). For instance, in VB (any version), you could remove the double quotes with something akin to this:
'in your parse routine
Dim myStr As String
myStr = Replace(stringWithQuotes,"""","")

Full transparency here; I know next to nothing about Power BI