All Email Notifications hit Spam

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All emails from get stuck in our spam filter: EOP! We're on O365! Reason for the failers is a failed SPF record. Embarassing... please fix.


Fail ( domain of does not designate as permitted sender); client-ip=;;

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Uh, I thought they got this fixed a long time ago? @Anna Chu @Michael Holste

Nope still an issue. Happy to provide copies of the headers to anyone looking to fix.
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Hi @Paul Youngberg @Vasil Michev


Just to let you know we have fixed this today, sorry it took so long. Please note that all notifications coming from the community will now come from and will no longer be marked as spam.


Thank you for reporting it.

Beautiful! I thought it was maybe because I had marked them as "safe" in Outlook the other night but that hadn't worked in the past. Yeah, just noticed them coming through to my inbox the other day! Thanks for fixing @Allen!


it seem the issue is back again.