Alert drop down review doesn't clear notification count

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When I click on alert.JPG I see a drop down list of notifications. So I review the list but the notification count does not decrease or go away. 


I do not want to click through to everything listed as I deem some items not relevent right now (or ever).


Please clear the alert count once I have reviewed the drop down.

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We're aware of this and working on a fix ASAP! Thank you!

Also, as of now (not intended), to clear the count click on "See All Notifications" at the bottom. You do not need to click on every notification item. 

That's what I do and I assumed it's the expected behavior now. Why aren't you guys posting the update notes anymore, or maybe I missed them? :)

Anna posts them monthly in the Community Announcements space.


Please clear the alert count once opened the drop down.

Hm, seems I unfavourited this somehow and wasnt on my list.

Noted but on the original window you then have to refresh before the total goes away :(

Came here to post about this very thing. Glad to hear a fix is being investigated. It's pretty annoying :)