Advice on Merging accounts and Alias email addresses

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I need advice consolidating Microsoft accounts and organising aliases.

I have a personal account I have an Office 365 subscription with that account.

I opened another Microsoft account with email address for our small business. It does not have an Office 365 subscription. I decided it would be simpler to consolidate the two accounts and use as an alias email address instead. I closed the pamesitoni account and added the email address as an alias to my knwright account however email sent to would not appear in the knwright inbox. Although aliases I set up (e.g. would.

I assumed the reason for this was because the account was in the 60-day period before pamesitoni was closed and that I needed to forward emails from to knwright before the account was formally closed. So I reopened the pamesitoni account and setup forwarding to but still no email for appeared in the inbox.

I also setup an alias email in the knwright account, but later removed it. Now I cannot add it back to the knwright account (I read that if you "Remove" an alias you also delete the email address forever. If so, why does Microsoft not warn of this?)

I need advice on the best options for me now. I would like to have all email addresses consolidated under account knwright. However if that is not possible I would like to setup and under pamesitoni.

Please let me know if anyone can help.

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Thanks for posting, is post about emails you are getting from the Microsoft Tech Community? or are you having issues sorting out your Office 365 Accounts.

Emails you get sent from the Microsoft Tech Community go to the Primary email address on the account you use to login with.

If your question, however, relates to issues with your accounts then you would be best to contact Microsoft Support via as we can not assist you with that query here.

Hello  @wnreiaglhet,


I understand that you're looking for advice on merging your Microsoft accounts and organizing alias email addresses. I'll do my best to help you with your situation.


Regarding the issue with your alias email address, when you added as an alias to your account, it should have appeared in the knwright inbox. However, since you mentioned that it didn't work, there might be a few things we can check.


First, ensure that you have correctly added as an alias to your knwright account. You can do this by going to the Microsoft Account website and navigating to the account settings or profile section. Verify that the alias is listed there and associated with your knwright account.


Next, check the forwarding settings in the pamesitoni account. Make sure you have set up the forwarding correctly to send emails to Double-check that there are no typos or other errors in the forwarding configuration.


If you're still facing issues after checking these settings, it's possible that there might be a delay in the alias and forwarding configurations being fully propagated across the Microsoft systems. In such cases, it's advisable to wait for some time, usually up to 24 hours, for the changes to take effect. After that period, check if emails sent to are appearing in the inbox.


As for the issue with the alias email, when you remove an alias, the associated email address may not be immediately available for reuse. Microsoft has certain mechanisms in place to prevent unauthorized reuse of email addresses. This could be the reason why you're unable to add it back to the knwright account. I apologize for any confusion caused by the lack of warning in this scenario.


To consolidate all email addresses under the knwright account, it's recommended to resolve the issue with the alias first. If you're unable to get it working, an alternative option would be to set up a new Microsoft account using the email address and migrate any necessary data or subscriptions from the knwright account.


If you prefer to have and under the pamesitoni account, you can proceed with that approach. However, please keep in mind that you'll need separate Microsoft accounts for each email address.


If you need further assistance or encounter any other issues, please provide additional details, and I'll be happy to help you further.


Best regards,


Thanks so much for the reply. As you can tell, I haven't used this forum much but I can already see how valuable it can be. I hope that I can also contribute in time.
Thanks so much for the detailed response. I will go through the steps and see if I can organise my accounts as I described,



Subject: Request to Unban Microsoft Rewards Account

Dear Microsoft Rewards Team,

I am writing this email to request the unbanning of my Microsoft Rewards account. My account was recently banned, and I am unsure of the reason why. I have been a loyal Microsoft user for years and have always followed the terms and conditions of the Microsoft Rewards program.

I have contacted the support team, but I have not received a clear explanation for the ban. I understand that there might have been a misunderstanding or an error in the system, but I am willing to cooperate to resolve any issue that might have caused the ban.

I use Microsoft products every day and enjoy participating in the Rewards program. It would be disappointing for me to lose access to the program, as it has been an essential part of my Microsoft experience.

I request you to review my account and provide me with an explanation for the ban, so I can take corrective measures if needed. I assure you that I will comply with the program's terms and conditions and any additional requirements to maintain my account in good standing.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


[Your Name]   email address removed for privacy reasons



Thank you for your message, unfortunately we are not part of the Microsoft Rewards team and can only help you with requests relating to the Microsoft Tech Community.


It looks like this thread, on Microsoft Support community, will give you the correct steps to follow.


Thanks again