Add "Back to top" on all microsoft tech community pages

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A very useful feature to get back to the top of the page.
I'm browsing the various discussions of the microsoft tech community and the topic options are only at the top of the page
If it’s a very long thread, it ends up being uncomfortable having to scroll the entire page

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Yeah, what ever happened to the Back to the top button we had a couple updates ago????

Annotation 2020-07-03 132501.jpg

Seems to be missing in action......

Version 85.0.564.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

Also, just found out it is missing in "ALL" 4 versions of the New Edge.  Canary, Dev, Beta, and live...


These things are related to the website and not to the browser, so if you open any browser, you are going to see the same thing.
Gee, really... guess that is why the OP posted it in the "Lounge" and not in any of the Conversation spaces since it has to do with the Microsoft Tech Community forums and not the edge browser...

But what do I know, just my 20cents worth
You are correct, I am really sorry for misunderstanding. I just had intention to help you and nothing more.
@Deleted @EricStarker

Any news on this yet? Anyone on the team or the forum management?


@Dennis5mile Hello! Please only tag @Deleted for content relevant to Edge Insiders as they won't be able to help you in any other capacity. I'm tagging @Allen who would be the best person to answer this.

Ah, cool thanks for sending to right person and sorry for miss-tagging.


@Allen @Dennis5mile @eguif 

Yes, this feature would be very beneficial to the users of the Microsoft Tech Community website. Just to see this feature, I opened a Web Archive of this website and I liked the back to top button a lot and would like it to come back again to Microsoft Tech Community.



This conversation now seems to be a Community Idea, can we move it to the Community Ideas space.

Hello @TheShaunSaw 


I used this button several times



Thanks for posting, sorry I have not had an opportunity to reply sooner. 


Yes your right we used to have a button on the right hand side to skip to top, the problem was we needed to add skip links for users who use keyboards and screen readers to help them navigate around the whole page. This broke our previous implementation of jump to top and so we had to remove it. We will investigate bringing it back in the fall, after Microsoft Ignite is completed.


In the mean time you can always use the home button on your keyboard to jump back to the top of the page or you can make use of the skip links.


Skip links work by pressing tab once the page has loaded or by editing the url with the anchor text below.

Name Anchor
Skip to main content #content
Skip to Topic Message (The first reply in a thread) #topicMessage
Skip to sidebar content #sidebarContent
Skip to footer content #footerContent
Skip to Primary Navigation #primaryNav


So to skip to the top of this message you would take the url

 and change it to:


Now as you can see it's going to be super simple to bring back the jump to top functionality, so I do not think it will be long after Microsoft Ignite before we can make this change :)



@TheShaunSaw Hello! I reached out to Allen to get this issue addressed as per above. I think it can stay in discussion for now. Thanks. 

Thank you @Allen for your return

I understand that some implementations can break existing functionality

It's good to know that you guys are going to work to put it back

on desktop, press the HOME button. can't be easier than that.
on mobile/tablet/touch devices: just swiftly scroll from top to bottom with your finger.

Hello @HotCakeX 


The back to top feature is very accessible to everyone


The Home feature is also very useful


Some people prefer the first option
Other people prefer the second


We cannot discard any of them

Well, prefer is different than "need".
I prefer to live in Hawaii but I don't need to. get my point?

Hello @HotCakeX 


This is a feedback site where the team will discuss feedback


They are not required to implement the feature
But everyone can give their feedback


I gave my feedback, they saw it is interesting


Some feedbacks are very good, others not so much
But in the end it is the team that will decide this


Don't worry, we, the ones who always give feedback, will not decide things for them

I know, I'm aware of it. I'm throwing my piece of feedback in as well. I'm not worried.