Account Hijacking.

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Fist of all apologies if ia m writing on the wrong place, because this was the only place iI can find to write it. I am since October 2019 i found a vulnerability on the macos and IOS  apple does not care about it. by now I turned it public. And my life become s a hell, nothing mine works my phones computer etc, because evolves a lot of "big people on it! So I am calling Microsoft and apple EVERY SINGLE DAY. but the calls always fall. I now i now why. because they are hacking the phone carries too. My analogical phone,. receive text messages. this device cannot be remotely accessed please contact customer service for support. So i am asking the support of the community, there are a lot of people with the same problems. They change my password, they mess with everything mine. it is impossible to use internet at my house, only with Linux I can use. i already change modem hardware etc. so here it is, i found the guys and i would like the help to put the on jail lifetime.  so here is the link with the proofs. I already made a lot of account and they are always change my password etc. bizarre things you gays will see on the video. here is the links. contact me by the phone is the only thing away.

+552122366155 +552121796156 i did the reverse engineering only using simple tools like LibreOfficeand CSv files of my ms account and I cloud account.

here are the links. with videos and photos


my apologies for any inconvenience


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