14 problems with this website

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1) avoid to mark 1 visit every time i reload the tab or i edit or i comment

2) avoid to show me the title again before the main text of the post. 

3) you should move label and tags to the right

4) avoid using page 1,2,3,4 for comments if possible. at least 100 comments in 1 page

5) avoid to send 2 identical notification (mention/reply)

6) avoid to write the url as www......com%20and when i paste https://... and 2: https://....

7) add all message read 

8)add specific feeds. if i subscribe to topic a and b, i want to see a feed with topic a and b.

9) same if i do that for users.

10) you should give us 2 option: order by last (this means post or commenting, like now) and order by last added (this means only by date of publication )

11) a way to hide post that i'm not interested, especially because every time someone comment on it, i see it again. this for pinned post too. nothing against you mods ehehh but for me is enough to see such post 1 time (or 2 if i need to check comments). now it seems like tiktok and facebook, where i see the same post 1000x

12) maybe a random mode, so we can discover older post too

13) translation: for example french post are translated, other languages (don't know which, maybe russian, japanese, arabic... not). i don't see the option "see original version" too

14) when we edit post, you convert 8) to an emoji 8) 

15) show more post doesn't work a lot of time, especially if i select unread post or similar.

16) i get a lot of {"status": "error", "message" : "Invalid endpoint request: Endpoint requires valid CSRF Token. Use common-functions/getEndpointUrl to automatically generate a token with request."}

17) authentification error after post submit --> we lose all what we do, no way to recover post.....

18) if we click on show more inside comments, you show us the top page, not user comment, and maybe the wrong page too (so we first need to go next and then scroll down).

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