Windows Teams Outlook Powershell SSO embedded browser rendering issue

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We have an issue where Teams embedded browser does not render our login page for some reason. It happened in May so may be related to Teams 05/23 release. To repro, login Windows Teams work or school with email address removed for privacy reasons

It seems it cannot load some javascript from our CDN. Outlook and Powershell login on the embedded browser have the same issue, and it pops up a script error window "An error has occurred in the script on this page." with complaining below urls.[…]js-node_modu...[…]n_js-node_mo...

It only happens on Windows apps with embedded browser. iOS, macOS Teams is fine.

Any idea how to workaround?

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To repro login Windows Teams work or school with an email in the domain of testrippling dot com

Thanks for raising your query.
Could you please confirm whether you are developing Microsoft Teams apps and integrated your app in Teams tab?

If yes, could you please share the repro steps?

If not, we are mainly responsible for Microsoft Teams app development related issues. 

For Microsoft Teams product issues/failures your tenant Admin can reach out to Microsoft 365 Product Support. 

For general questions about Microsoft Teams please post your question on Microsoft Teams Community. 



We are integrating Microsoft apps including Teams via SSO. When users login, Teams pops up an embedded browser showing the AAD login page, when they give an email with a federated domain, the AAD login page redirects to the IDP's login page. The embedded browser started having issues rendering our (the IDP) login page. Since it is an embedded browser, it does not provide any capability to us what might be wrong. So we need some guidance from Microsoft to debug this issue further.
In case others run into the similar issue, Windows Microsoft apps embedded browsers use Edge 18 released in 2018 as the core, which is very old and not compatible with many frontend webpages libraries. Please take this customer feedback and upgrade that.
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