Why is the Teams Desktop User Agent for Chrome way behind?

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Hi everyone!


For our digital workspace solution we want to make sure users have the best possible experience which is why we check to see if they are using an up-to-date version of their browsers so we can use for example certain styling features. We noticed that both Chrome (85.0) and Electron (10.4.7) are hopelessly behind in version for the Microsoft Teams Desktop App, which means our styling looks different in the Teams Desktop App (in app browser) compared to for example a more recent Chrome version (current version is 105.0).




We were wondering if anyone knows why this is and what Microsoft is doing about it?


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@MGodthelp - 

We are mainly responsible for Microsoft Teams app development related issues. 

For Microsoft Teams product issues/failures your tenant Admin can reach out to Microsoft 365 Product Support. 

For general questions about Microsoft Teams please post your question on Microsoft Teams Community. 

@Prasad_Das-MSFT Ok I don't really understand. Isn't this related to developing and presenting your app in Microsoft Teams? Our issue is with the representation of our solution in the in-app browser which uses a significantly older version of the Chrome and Electron user agent. 

I can't understand why our tenant admin would have to reach out to Microsoft 365 Product support whilst this isn't an issue with our specific tenant but rather the implementation if the in-app browser within the Teams desktop app. I would classify this as a development related issues as it affect our app presentation.


Isn't there any relation/communication between the team over here and the Microsoft 365 Product support team? 



@MGodthelp - We are checking with engineering team about this. We will inform you once we get any update. Thanks!

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@MGodthelp - We got update from engineering team saying "Picking up Electron/Chromium updates is a non-trivial process. Each update often brings breaking changes that we need to address and requires us to re-test all of our app's functionality. Teams is currently in the process of rolling out a new Teams Desktop Client that is built on top of Electron 16 (Chromium 96)."


Prasad Das


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