Whether the bot get AutoUpdated for end users?

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Hello Team,


We are having a bot integrated with MS Teams.  Currently the bot dont have command menus. We are going to implement the command menus in that bot. Hence I have a doubt that, once we deploy the change with command menus in production, will the bot get auto updated for end users? Will they able to see the command menus without re-installing the bot?


Kindly suggest.

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Once you deploy the change with command menus in production and by updating the manifest file/package in Teams, the end user will get notification to update his/her bot ,they don't need to re-install that instance.


Prasad Das


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Thank you Prasad for your response. Could you please confirm, whether the bot get updated in all the channels(i.e, personal, group and team)/scopes?
You will get notification to update the bot where its installed