What is the expected scope of data availability from CQD version 3

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We have a business account for Microsoft Teams. Recently, one of our employees joined a conference session with 18 participants. He was the only one from our company on that call and Mic Teams was used for this call.


When we connection to admin.teams analytics page, we can see the details for this conference call including the attendee details. However, when we use cqdpowershell 2.0 and connect to CQDv3, we can only pull the sessions that are directly related to our employee. Nothing about the other attendees is revealed in the return. What I mean is that there is no record on any of the sessions for other participants.


Is this an expected behavior from cqdpowershell? I cannot find the details on powerbi dashboards either.



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Hi @asavran 

call analytices and cqd dashboard both uses same database. cqd powershell api designed to pull the exact stream of the poor call or effected conference. Please find the link for more details.


we need to use proper dimensions and measurements to pull the data from cqd. please check this link for more details.

let us know if you need any information.