We are getting an error message when our app tries to authorize with teams

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We have an integration in our booking app that connects to a team account, and allows our system to generate a new team links with each new booking. Its worked fine for a long time. 

Now we are getting an errror message saying " Teams not responding" when the user tries to authenticate. 

We cant figure out what is going on. 

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@caseybookingapp- Thanks for reporting your issue.

We are mainly responsible for Microsoft Teams app development related issues. 

For Microsoft Teams product issues/failures your tenant Admin can reach out to Microsoft 365 Product Support. 


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HI, this is regarding the teams app development.

This isnt related to the teams product/issues/failers. Its related to app development that should be authenticating with teams.s

We have a calendar app that is supposed to connect with teams. When an appointment is made in our system, we create a new event in teams, then request the URL back via API.

Currently when we attempt to authenticate the connection at set up, we get an error message saying that teams will not respond. This is new. Its worked for over a year just fine.

Our process is, our customer goes into our system, clicks on teams, then clicks connect. Up until now, it would connect the user in our system with the teams user in order to create the teams event and fetch the event URL. But now we get the error.

Support has been really tough, they have simply pushed me on to the next group now 8 times.


Any update on this? we have mutual customers that arent able to use the integration. 

Hi, we also encountered an authentication issue with our app for MS Teams in the new MS Teams desktop application. Our app is just a static personal tab in MS Teams which integrates with our solution, but the new Teams desktop app started to ignore 3rd party cookies, so our clients can no longer be logged in after switching between application tabs.
But our app works well, in the old Ms Teams desktop app and MS Teams web app.
Are you facing the issue with new teams client?
Also could you please share console log, so that we can investigate from our end?
are you going to help or reply? THis is week 3 of this problem and I cant seem to get anyone to actually help.
Why not respond to the issue Im having, as the original poster. Its odd to respond to a sub comment, but not respond to my initial post/issue. @Sayali-MSFT
@casey2240- could you please share console log or some code snippets, so that we can investigate from our end?
Yes, this issue is for NEW Ms Teams Desktop app. It seems that NEW Teams doesn't allow 3rd party cookies when rendering personal tabs. Could you please confirm this? And Is there any way to enable 3rd party cookies for them?

I cannot provide any logs because simply there is just an absence of required security cookies for our integration app.