Viva Engage cannot authenticate on Teams Desktop App in my custom App

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Hello I have a Problem with the Desktop Teams App. Viva Engage refuses to authenticate.


It works in the browser and on the mobile phone version of Teams.

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Thanks for raising your query.
We will check with engineering team and let you know the updates.

Hello @DanielWigger - We are checking this with engineering team and let you know the updates.

Meanwhile, could you please share the repro steps, so that we can try to repro it?

Hello @CetanSharma-msft
Any Updates on this case?
The repro ist pretty straightforward. Just navigate to the sharepoint site where the viva engage webpart is and it shows this error.
Thanks and kind regards.

@ChetanSharma-msft Hello Chetan Sharma

Any Updates on this Case?


@DanielWigger - We tried to repro this issue at our end and observed below behaviour.



We have raised a bug for the same. We will inform you once we get any further update from engineering team. 





Prasad Das

@DanielWigger - This is not supported.


Using custom apps is only supported for SPFx-based solutions and in that case, very specific guidelines need to be followed when creating the app manifest: 

The most important requirements are:

  1. The TeamsLogon.aspx redirect should be used to handle authentication. For the sample app provided in this IcM ticket, the contentUrl should look like this:
  2. A webApplicationInfo section should be added to the manifest that looks like so:
    "webApplicationInfo": {
      "resource": "https://{teamSiteDomain}",
      "id": "00000003-0000-0ff1-ce00-000000000000"
Hence, please either use Viva Engage or one of the supported mechanisms for pinning SharePoint content into Teams.


Prasad Das


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