User based connector notification




I would like to know if it is possible to set separate connector settings and notifications for each user. For example, my connector has the following settings to send notifications


A. New Ticket
B. New Response
C. New Note


Suppose there are two users, User A, User B, and each user sets different connector settings. For example, User A set option A(New Ticket) and User B set Option B(New Response) and Option C(New Note). So, when a new ticket is created only User A should get a notification about the new ticket and not to User B and when a New Response Or New Note is added only User B should get the notifications and not to User A. Is it possible to do like this? or we can only set channel-based connectors?

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Hi @fabin10, Currently it is not possible to send User based connector notification. we can only set channel-based connectors. 
we also recommend you to raise a Teams UserVoice here if this needs to be consider as a future request.