Use the acrylic menu to further adapt Fluent Design.

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Use the acrylic menu to further adapt Fluent Design.


I noticed that in Microsoft Edge, if you are in the Canary channel, by enabling the Windows 11 visual update logo, you will get a context menu of acrylic material. as the picture shows.


Acrylic effects are now used for all temporary pop-up area backgrounds, such as context menus (the picture shows the desktop context menu);

Content menu of desktopContent menu of desktopcontent menu of file explorercontent menu of file explorer


search results



Start Menu




The new Teams is based on WebView2, and the right-click menu should be adapted to the acrylic effect, which is consistent with the visual update of Windows 11. Furthermore, if WinUI3 can be used to reconstruct Microsoft Teams, it will be more harmonious and consistent with other Windows software.

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Thanks for taking the time to share with the community.
Are there any chances to use the native menu?