Use Microsoft Graph to post to the activity feed

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Trying to add the option for my custom app to send notification to the teams activity feed using Microsoft graph.

(The app already has tab and connector).


First question would be, is it possible to send activity feed notification to anyone that has installed my app even if he is not from my organisation, or is it only limited for users in the same active directory. The documentation is not very clear about it.


The second question is regarding the flow that happens when someone is installing the app.


"resource": "api://"


What happens in this callback above , is it just a communication between azure AD and the MsTeams?

Not much is mentioned regarding it.


Also how would the app's server be informed that someone has installed the app and get the teams id?

Is this information being shared at the above callback, or do we need to pull Microsoft graph and check for users and teams Id's that installed the custom app?


Any help will be appreciated.




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1. It is not possible to send activity feed notification to anyone that has installed the app outside the organization.

2. "resource""api://"
     This basically the Resource URL of app for acquiring auth token for SSO.

3. You can refer these links to get list of apps installed for user or installed in Teams

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Thank you for the answers, so to make things clear, if I want to write an app that will send activity feed notification to anyone who installed it, Similar to the notifications sent to users that installed the connector. That would not be possible at the moment. This is my understanding at least.

I am just double checking before telling to everyone to drop this story.