URL to Organisation tab of particular person

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is there any way how to open Teams on Organisation tab in chat? I can easily open chat with any person:



<a href="MSTeams:/l/chat/0/0?">Chat</a>



But I can't find a way how to jump directly to tab Organisation in chat. Any ideas please?



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@MartinVasek Not sure what do you mean by an organization tab. Could you please elaborate more on what you are looking for? If you want to implement something like this this is just a tab. There is no api that could get you this hierarchy. You would need to build this tab yourself.

@Gousia_Begum Yes, that is what I was targeting. It's to bad that it's not possible. We need to show personalized organization structure and I think there is no other way in Office 365.


Thank you for quick response. 

Even I have the same issue. Have you found any solution ?

You can go to the Teams website, navigate to the person and to the Organisation tab, and then copy the URL. 


It doesn't open up the Teams app, unfortunately, but it does work.  (At least for me...)  @MartinVasek    @Nani04