URL for granting Teams Administrator Role to an Application?

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I have an application that requires Teams Administrator Role to perform certain administrative tasks via the Teams Powershell Module.  I am able to build the correct URL to grant any Graph related roles ( doc - https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/entra/identity/enterprise-apps/grant-admin-consent?pivots=portal)



But I'm still stuck using PIM to assign the Teams Administrator Role (because it is not a graph API role) to ensure I has the necessarily privileges to authenticate to the Teams Powershell Module. (https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/teams-powershell-application-authentication:(




I have seen other apps give themselves the ability to RW RBAC and give themselves that role via Graph API.



I'm curious if anyone has a more elegant solution to enable the assignment of the Teams Administrator Role that wouldn't require my app to request RBAC permissions. 





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@Carl_Karawani -Thanks for reporting your issue.
We will check this internally and let you know the update once we have any.


@Carl_Karawani - Are you tried to invoke the Teams PowerShell Module in app-only context?
If yes, then that is not supported.
Correct, we have an application that is using the Teams Powershell Module for actions that are not available (yet) in graph.

@Carl_Karawani -Currently, this is not supported.

Could you please help by suggesting this feature on - Microsoft Teams · Community