Urgent - yesterdays IOS app update broke messages sent via connectors

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We have dozens of teams channel connectors for our organization to route critical messages to corresponding teams channels. Everything worked fine the past couple years, however yesterdays IOS app update is rendering all messages (new/old) as blank / empty messages. There are no errors with the posted connectors, the json snippets have very basic html formatting. Latest Android app works as expected. There are no issues on desktop either (mac/windows), as far as I can tell it works as expected.


I've also tested on an iphone 7 with an older version of IOS with latest app and the messages do appear, however iphone 12's (for example) on latest ios / app versions are completely blank.


This is beyond frustration, has this issue been identified yet / anyone else seeing similar issues?



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@jpilon yes. We’re having the same issue with connectors / messages generated by incoming webhooks. Because we control the code base we have been testing different json payloads etc. but nothing works. What’s super weird is that everything is perfect on desktop and iOS devices that haven’t updated to the latest teams app.

@jpilon - Already ,We have raised bug for the same and concerned team is looking into it. We will inform you once we get any update. Thanks!
@Sayali-MSFT @peterthomson - looks like a hotfix was pushed on the app store, didn't show up as update, but if you go to the teams page itself in the app store, it lists an update there that fixes the issue.
The hotfix mentioned above did successfully resolve. But now the blank card issue has reappeared ! This is business critical for us as we use adaptive cards y to o bring actionable business processes into Teams!
@peterthomson- If you have any business critical issue which need immediate attention, please raise a support request here: