Uploading Emergency locations using CSV

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In our organisation we are updating our list of emergency locations in the admin section of Teams.

We were able to export the current out of date list using 

Get-CsOnlineLisLocation | Select-Object companyname, description, HouseNumber, Streetname, City, p
ostalcode | Export-Csv c:\temp\skypelocation.csv -NoTypeInformation -Append


We now have the correct up to date list populated in a CSV and we would like to know if its possible to import this back to teams?

There is no import-CsOnlineLisLocation command so I am unsure if this is even possible.

Is there a way to use import-csv and then pipe it into the New-CsOnlineLisLocation command?


Something like the following?

Import-Csv -Path <Input CSV File Path and Name> | foreach {New-CSOnlineLisLocation -Location $_.Location –PostalCode $_.PostalCode} 



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@danb1967 providing some sample scripts/tool for this is on our to do list  but don't have this at the moment.  If you are doing this for dynamic emergency calling, make sure you add geo-codes to the addresses as they are needed.