Upgrading teams graph client to the latest version

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Currently, we are using graph client version 4 for teams bot app permissions.

We wanted to upgrade the graph clinet service to the latest version.

Could you please share any upgrade documents that contain the replacement for DelegateAuthenticationProvider and _graphClient.Me.Request().GetAsync() .


Is it possible to create a graph client object without a sign in token, only using the app registration client ID and secret.

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Thanks for the response. I needed the samples for .net language 

@Lakshmi_145 - We checked, but there is no such sample to be found.

Yes, you can create it the Graph Client without token via passing client id, tenant id etc.
You can refer this doc: Choose a Microsoft Graph authentication provider - Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Learn

Refer this thread as well: c# - DelegateAuthenticationProvider not found after updating Microsoft Graph - Stack Overflow

You can also update the Graph package from Visual Studio nuget packages.