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Hello, Can I ask that is there any API available to update recording status for online meeting after meeting has started? I found one API: updateRecordingStatus but looks like it only workable for call. Is there any API available for online meeting resource(beta is acceptable). ?

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@ChenguangHe - We are checking this internally. We will update you soon.

@ChenguangHe - There is no API available for online meeting resource to update recording status.

 updateRecordingStatus API which is available updates the application's recording status associated with a call. This requires the use of the Teams policy-based recording solution. This is a part of cloud communications API set on Microsoft Graph.

After a policy is set and assigned to a user, for example, each time this user joins a call or meeting, the corresponding recording bot that is identified in the policy will be joined to the meeting. Participants on current Teams clients will be notified via a banner. Other participants will be notified through an audio announcement.
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