Unable to update preview URL in the developer portal

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I am in trouble because the URL updated on the developer portal is not reflected.
The bugs are as follows.

1. Log in to the developer portal and set the tab URL in "App features> Personal app".
2. Click "Preview in Teams" at the top right of the screen to add the app to Teams.
3. However, instead of displaying the URL set in 1, another previously registered URL is displayed in the tab.

It seems that it is overwritten with the URL registered in App Studio, but uninstalling App Studio does not solve this.

If I update the URL in App Studio, it will be updated properly, but I don't want to use App Studio if possible because it is currently deprecated.

If anyone knows a solution, please let me know.

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We are looking into this issue. We will update you.

@Seiya_kano - We have tried at our end. It is updating instantly in Teams only if we create app registration in dev portal and update URL in "App features> Personal app in dev portal itself". 

Can you please try creating app registration and everything through dev portal and not in App studio.

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Sorry for the late reply.
Also, thank you for your answer.
I solved it by the method described.