Unable to "reply to channel message" via graph api

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I am unable to reply to a message with application permission. I have tried "delegation" as well but with the same results.


To use the delegation, do I need to reauthorize and get a new token?

Can I use the incoming webhook to reply to a




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@sriatom , You need to reauthorize and get a new token for delegation permission. In case of web hooks, you can't reply to specific message by using one. They are meant to post notification to user or channel but not to reply to specific message in conversation. Hope this helps. 

@Manish-MSFT thanks Manish, this helps. Can I keep both the token and switch back and forth based on the request? 

For getting an user based authentication token, should I use this method?



I am not a programmer, so if you can please give me some input on how to authenticate, it would help. i am currently using "ADAL" framework in python

context = adal.AuthenticationContext(
authority_url, validate_authority=TENENT_NAME != 'adfs',