Unable to invoke Task module in MS Teams botbuilder bot

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Hi there,


We are facing an issue while trying to invoke a task module in Microsoft Teams. We have create an adaptive card with a button that submit a task/fetch action.


"actions": [{
    "type": "Action.Submit",
    "title": "Test Fetch",
    "data": {
        "msteams": {
            "type": "task/fetch"
        "data": "toto"


When we click the button , the method on_teams_task_module_fetch() is triggered. A TaskModuleTasInfo is returned, but the popup is showing an error.


class TaskModuleResponseFactory:
    def create_response(value: Union[str, TaskModuleTaskInfo]) -> TaskModuleResponse:
        if isinstance(value, TaskModuleTaskInfo):
            return TaskModuleResponse(task=TaskModuleContinueResponse(value=value))
        return TaskModuleResponse(task=TaskModuleMessageResponse(value=value))

    def to_task_module_response(task_info: TaskModuleTaskInfo):
        return TaskModuleResponseFactory.create_response(task_info)

async def on_teams_task_module_fetch(self, turn_context: TurnContext, task_module_request: TaskModuleRequest):
    task_info = TaskModuleTaskInfo(
        title="Super Title",
    return TaskModuleResponseFactory.to_task_module_response(task_info)


Could anyone provide insights on how to troubleshoot and fix this issue? Is there something I'm missing in the setup or response handling?


Thank you in advance for your assistance!


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Hi @ouadia - Same issue has been raised here microsoft graph api - Unable to invoke Task module in MS Teams botbuilder bot - Stack Overflow. Please follow that thread for more updates.

Hi Dinesh,

I've added a few comments here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/78582393/unable-to-invoke-task-module-in-ms-teams-botbuilder-bot...

The code you provided does not work. I'm getting 'TaskModuleResponse' object has no attribute 'input_hint'. Is there a reason to send the response using turn_context.send_activity(response) instead of just returning the response like mentioned in this example https://github.com/microsoft/BotBuilder-Samples/blob/ce328b01cc1315d6f36ca0c9aa0d9d1cf5ad11de/archiv...

Even using this sample https://github.com/microsoft/BotBuilder-Samples/blob/ce328b01cc1315d6f36ca0c9aa0d9d1cf5ad11de/archiv... the code doesn't work. The code doesn't trigger any error, the MSTeams client the invoke HTTP request is returning a 200 response without any body.

Please advice,
Thank you so much,