Unable to get meeting details from microsoft teams app using react

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I'm currently writing a Microsoft Teams meeting side panel app in react and I need to get the scheduled start time of the meeting. I am trying to use the meeting module (meeting module - Teams | Microsoft Docs) `getMeetingDetails` method. When I call this from my app, the error is {errorCode: 1000, message: "App doesn't have sufficient permission to use this API"}. 



What I've tried to do:

1. In the teams manifest under `webApplicationInfo`, add the App Registration Client ID and URI with applicationPermissions: ["OnlineMeeting.ReadBasic.Chat"]

2. In the App Registration, add OnlineMeetings.Read.All and OnlineMeetings.Read under API permissions.


This link (Enable resource-specific consent in Teams - Teams | Microsoft Docs) shows how to use the graph API to get this data, but I'd like to use the microsoftTeams library as it's cleaner.


Is there something I need to do with the authentication module? (authentication module - Teams | Microsoft Docs) Or are there other steps that I need to do in order to give permissions to use this API?


Thank you

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@cczarnuch830 - We are able to repro the issue and will update you once get clarification.

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@cczarnuch830 - 

Currently, getMeetingDetails() method is not available for third party developers. We have backlog item to track this work internally.


All the available APIs for Meeting are documented in Meeting apps API references page.