Unable to add uploaded app to a team - "UpdateBotTeamMember

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I'm trying to create a simple bot. I follow the below tutorial

My schema is valid: No error in the JSON file
My zip file is valid: No other files, folders in a zip file

Still cannot add this application to team: Get error UpdateBotTeamMembershipInSkypeFailed

I'm using a development account so I'm not sure if it is a problem? I downloaded an other sample application in the internet but has the same issue. My account is admin (at)
Sample app:
My account created from this program:

Here is the steps I have done:

  • Go to Teams--> Developer Portal--> Import App
  • Publish App, Try to click Prevew in Team but not successful (Manifest error )
  • Go to Microsoft Teams admin center--> Approve the above App
  • Come back Team-->Apps: Search the above App
  • Click in it and select add to Team, select Team and channel
  • Got error "UpdateBotTeamMembershipInSkypeFailed"






I also found that when I clicked in the Preview in Team, it also has Manifest error but not sure what's the error



after closing the below popup, i got an alert








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@jimmymaise -We are checking the issue. We will get back to you shortly.

@jimmymaise - We tried to upload the zip shared in our demo tenant and it got added the team successfully. Could you please try to update your MS teams version and check once?



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Hello, I found the problem. Above tutorial forgot to mention that we need to add MS Teams as a channel of the newly created bot.
Anyway, the error is really confused. I think that it could be better if we have more meaning full error.
Hello, Could you simply explain how to upload custom apps created by others?