trying to create adaptive cards however image is not getting rendered.

mehta deepak
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I am trying to create adaptive cards via app studio inside teams .

I am pointing to a online URL generator for my image , and using that URL in the adaptive card however none of my cards are showing the image. Nither in live preview nor in the actual card when i receive it.

Also i had to manully type the image URL , it doesn't let me copy paste it from online image URL portal.


What am i missing here? @Harysh Menon @Rick Van Rousselt 

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@mehta deepak  - Could you please confirm if your image size does not exceed the resolution and size limit


Thank you , makes sense to me, i will check and confirm @Wajeed Hanif Shaik 


@mehta deepak Hard to tell the exact reason without looking at the adaptive JSON, but another common reason we see is HTTP vs HTTPS based image links. We only allow links with a HTTPS image. 


@Harysh Menon @Wajeed Hanif Shaik This is the image link , and i am pretty sure it is less then 1025X1024 , also https. Still not working.


@mehta deepak - Url which you share does not result in an image file. It is navigating to preview page. Please try this Url:



@mehta deepak Like Wajeed mentioned, the imgr link you posted isn't an image url and hence won't show up on the adaptive card. You'll need to get the source of the image, which in this case it looks like is


@Harysh Menon  thanks alot , yes it works , so i got it now where i was going wrong.

Thank you btw great job in teams power user video, very useful tips.

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