Tracking / listing the participants in a call using graph API

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I am developing a bot which takes a call from a user then invites other participants. It would be advantageous to keep track of the participants in a call, whether they were added by the bot or the user.


Once the bot's calling endpoint receives a message that the call has been established, the bot invites participants by making a request to the graph on app/calls/{id}/participants/invite with the participant details in the body. This returns a response containing the details of a comms operation. When the invited participant accepts the invitation, the calling endpoint receives a message that the comms operation was deleted and the status is "completed". So far so good- I now know that the participant is in the call.


The problem is that if a human participant in the call invites someone, there is no message to indicate this on the calling endpoint. Should there be? Is there a way for the bot to know when a person has been invited by another person in the call?


A related issue is that when I try to request the list of participants in a call (as detailed on the response suggests there are none. For example:

I place a call to the bot, and the calling endpoint receives a notification of an incoming call with id 471f0300-401f-4c4a-9967-3cee9a052519. The bot answers the call with a POST on:


The bot subsequently receives a message on the calling endpoint that it has been established. I can query the graph about this call by making a GET:


I get a response with code 200 and the details of the call in progress, so the call clearly valid and accessible. However, if I attempt to get the list of participants with this GET:


I get a response with code 200, but the body contains the following:



I'd appreciate any insight on what I might be doing wrong here.
Thanks a lot.


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