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Hi ,


Basically we are migrating Teams to Teams using below API permissions For Read & Write of Teams.




earlier we were suppose to create new project add this api permission and submit protected api form for approval ,after that our teams to teams migrations was done properly , but after microsoft new update of no longer need to submit protected api forms we are facing issue while writing TeamsChannelMessage we are using Teamwork.Migrate.All api to write TeamsChannelMessage using below method


While processing messages we are getting exception of( Requested API is not Supported) or (Unkonwn Error).

we are not able to migrate a single TeamsChannelMessage .


We need an efficient solution for issue as soon as possible.We would greatly appreciate it if you could spare some time to look into this matter and help us out with the resolution.

Please be in touch at your earliest convenience so that we can figure out how to best solve this problem.


Thank you for your help!

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Same issue is being tracked here Please follow that thread for further updates. Thank you.