Teams Tab not reload when save setting

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Hi Team,

We are facing issue with Microsoft Teams channel tab, Once open the setting and edit the tab configuration and click save button. Tab is not reloading once saved.

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Hi @vikram-MFST,

I have followed the Microsoft documentation and cross verified your reference also still same issue.

Please see the below code am currently using. 



Hello @Ramachandran_S
Could you please share your app manifest in order to test it from our end?

Hi @vikram-MFST,

I have attached the sample manifest.

Using this app once configured the tab and edit the config setting and save, it's not reloading the tab.

for testing I have added rendered date and time, so you could see the updated time if tab reloaded once saved.

Hello @Ramachandran_S
sorry for the delay in response, could you please let us know whether your issue has got resolved?
Not yet resolved
Hello @Ramachandran_S
We are also able to repro this issue, we will check internally and get back to you.
Update : We raised a bug for this issue, we will keep you posted on the updates. Thank you