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I hope it's not off topic.
I would like to know if is possible to add speed dial on Android or to send a message to someone without wasting time browsing contacts in app.

For work reasons, I am always on the move and very often I have to call just my boss.

Thank you guys


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Hi @BrunoZ   There is a Uservoice item for which you may want to vote, or create a new one if this doesn't quite address your request:


Access to speed dial contacts on android app – Welcome to UserVoice!

Thank you ThereseSolimeno !!!!

@ThereseSolimeno good evening.

I checked the post in the link, but i would like to have another solution.

I would like to have just a icon on my menu : when I push it, my android phone open automatically TEAMS and immediately call my contact.

Often, I must call immediately. I don't want to search my speed dial inside the app.

Thank you so much indeed anyway

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Hi @BrunoZ,
This seems like a feature request. You can raise a user voice on below link.

Microsoft always focuses on customer feedback and some features may be implemented in future based on user's feedback.