Teams Search Messaging Extension - Update Existing Adaptive Card Posts!


Dear All


I have been working on MS Teams search messaging extension and implemented an app that query backend systems and users could select the preview card.


 Once selected, it will appear on the compose box to post the selected value. Everything is working as expected, however, I couldn't able to figure out how to refresh the card that it was approved/rejected, which was posted by the user after users take actions on the option provided on the card, in this case after clicking on Submit button (See below screenshot)




I tried using "Send Activity" or "Update Activity", but it is throwing an error stating that "The bot is not part of conversational roaster". 


Could you please guide me what I have missed here?



Chandrasekaran Nageswaran

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we are looking into the issue we will get back to you
We are not able to repro the issue at out end. When you click on the submit button you will receive the OnTeamsMessagingExtensionCardButtonClickedAsync event there you can use send activity to send message. try if that helps


I doing exactly the same what you had mentioned, but it throwing the same issue "The BOT is not part of conversation roaster"

Attaching the code snippet for your reference.




Any help is much appreciated.




Could you please check the error in the backend in dev tools/ use try catch and share the error?



Here is the screenshot of ngrok-serve command-line output... where you could see the error stating that "The bot is not part of the conversation roaster.


Hope this helps to further analyze the issue at your end.


Are you trying to update the card in the channel where the bot is not added to the team?



There is no bot here as we are using Teams messaging extensions, however we have bot channel registration configured in Azure portal thru which communication happens. Are we need to add the bot in the channel, since this messaging extension could be accessed from any channel/teams as it will be available across all the teams. 


Hope this helps.





yes, you requires a bot to add message extension to channel. I mean Please add the app manifest to team.