Teams Room API?

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Can you direct me to an API specific to Teams Rooms?  We are seeking to write an application that will enable a button (available in and out of a call) to show an HTML5 page for IoT device control.  This HTML5 page would be hosted externally from the nook or Team Rooms PC, but we need to enable the functionality.  


We have seen similar implementations but cannot find the API or SDK info on how to build it.

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Hi @TXAutomation, In Graph API there is a Places API for Teams room. Please look at this documentation for more details.    

@TXAutomation, Could you please confirm does that help clarify.

@Mamatha-MSFT - thank you for pointing me to the Graph documentation.  The Places API is not exactly what I am seeking.  While it does contain metadata about room AV device capabilities, I am seeking to go further and actually control those AV devices. 


From the Teams Room UI, I would like to add a button that will show a webpage.  This webpage will contain device control buttons for IoT devices - like TV volume or lights off for example.  The HTML5 page is something I would make and host external to the system.  


The Teams Room UI modification I need to make simply gets a button that the user can push and trigger a pop-up within the UI that contains my webpage.

@TXAutomation According to your description, your issue is more related to Teams product, which we do not support. For issues related to teams product, please reach out to the Product support channels for Microsoft Teams. Thanks for your understanding and patience!

Did you ever figure out how to do this?