Teams Q&A chatbot works in test, deployed as app wont respond

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Quickfire Summary

  • Q&A Chat bot, azure. All deployed from Q&A maker
  • All fine in azure, can test in teams using App ID and chat normally
  • Created an App using the new developer portal, all shows as OK
  • Appears in 'Deployed to Your Org', installs OK
  • Icon appears in tool bar, installs as person app ok, open, start chatting and no response
  • A message appears at the top 'There was a problem reaching this app'


All the guides and helpfiles are ALL based on App Studio which is no longer available to use. You have to use the new Developer Portal which has minimal docs and 'how to's'


Can anyone advise me how to START debugging this, i have no logs to reference anywhere so would not know where to start.


I have double checked that the Bot Feature is pointing at the correct App ID for the web-bot, I have also enabled the personal feature. I have turned off the loading animation. App verification is 100%


The scope is personal only

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Could you please share the screenshot of your issue?
Please see if this is similar: Problem reaching the app - error shown when navigating to bot personal app · Issue #4249 · Microsoft... 

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Sorry forgot to close this. The problem was a slight misunderstanding on my part fuled by zero docs with the new Dev Portal. I was creating a BOT service feature and pointing at the messaging end point defined in Azure. This effectivly ceated a new bot. This fails to work

What I ended up doing it selecting the 2nd option, add a different bot, and pointing at the App ID for my actual Web Bot service.

This made the app work.