Teams powershell module Get-CsCallQueue Statistics are now blank?

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We has been using the Get-CsCallQueue cmdlet that comes in the powershell Teams module to get the Number of Calls In Queue statistic for our call queues. As of a few days ago, this field has been coming back blank for all our queues. Does anyone know what causes this?

A search of the web shows other people have had this issue over the last few years but I don't know if there is a solution on our end or if it is some change in Azure that is causing it?

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I have the same problem. This stopped working a few days ago.



We have the same issue since 25 may.



Thank you for reporting this issue, we will check this internally and get back to you. Thank you.

Hi @Meghana-MSFT,


Have you an explanation about this topic ? 


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Stopped working for us too on the 25 may.... I logged a support call same day with Microsoft ref "Teams Powershell command returning null - TrackingID#2305250050003935"

MS support came back to me today saying nothing they could do as the devs have changed something!!!
Suggested only option was to send feedback to:

( But this seems to be for new feature requests and not something that's broken )


I've also posted to Reddit just incase somebody from Microsoft development team is listening there:


It's been working for us for over two years and stopped without warning or notice - please fix this as we and many people using this for call center wallboards and reporting.

The command displays again the values without modification of our side ...

Thank you Microsoft @Meghana-MSFT for hearing us! :)


Yes! It's working again! :) Thank you guys and thank you @Meghana-MSFT :stareyes:

Working here too! :smile: