Teams Personal Tab Links do not work on teams mobile application

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Dear Teams Community


I have an issue with a simple custom ms teams app. The app has been created in "Developer Center" / App-Studio and just opens a SharePoint Online site within a tab (iframe). This works fine in Teams-Web-App, Teams-Desktop-App but not in Teams-Mobile-App. The links in the iframe which refer to other SharePoint sites do not work, there is no error or something, it's just not doing anything.


What can I do to solve this problem? It seems that there are other users with the same problems:


Thanks in advance,


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we are looking into this, we will get back to you.
We are also able to repro this issue, we will check internally and update you.

@ved-leachim - Could you please share your manifest once? Engineering team would like to see how you are specifying the SharePoint URLs for the tabs.

Hey Meghana-MSFT
Sure, I've sent you directly the in a private message.
Thanks that you're looking into this issue!
Hey @Meghana-MSFT

Could the manifest help with the problem analysis.

If you find out anything or I can help in any way, let me know.
Thanks for the support.
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Engineering team has investigated the issue and said that the links do not work on teams mobile as Teams mobile do not have cookies added for the domain. When we are in Teams and require opening a link in a different site, we always call teamslogon.aspx for that new domain first. If we do not have cookies added for the domain, then we can't expect it to load. The reason why it can work for Teams web is it may have already visited the site and have a cookie stored in the cookie jar for that site. Also please note that It is only allowed to retrieve a single token from Teams... and that is either or we won't be able to get a token for both domains.

Hi @Meghana-MSFT 

Thanks for your response. I understand that there are cookies saved by the browser and that could explain why those links work in Teams-Web, but the links work as well in the Teams-Client-App, they really only do not function on Teams-Mobile-App.

I've tested the behavior withing MS-Edge Browser after removing all the cookies (Settings --> Cookies and Site Permissions --> Manage and delete cookies and site date), and I've been able to open the links to other SP-Online Sites within the Teams Personal Tab App.

The links on the Site are not from another domain, they are other SPO-Sites from the same tenant/domain.

Does this information help? Thank you very much for further assistance with this issue.

We will check internally and get back to you. Thank you.

 @ved-leachim - Could you please help by sharing the Fiddler trace of the successful app load followed by the failed navigations?

@ved-leachim - Could you please help by sharing the Fiddler trace of the successful app load followed by the failed navigations?
Hallo @Meghana-MSFT

I would like to provide you with the Fiddler trace, but the problem occurs only within the Microsoft-Teams-Mobile-App. Can you assist with details how the teams-traffic can be tracked on an IPhone or another mobile device?

I'm very greatfull for your debugging insights on Teams-Mobile-App.