Teams Notifications from Flow Bot for Adaptive Card

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Hi all,


I have a question (not sure if it's an issue or configurable at all) regarding the notifications in the desktop app when an adaptive card for approval is posted to a User from Power Automate.


In Power Automate we are creating an approval and then are using the "Post your own adaptive card as the Flow bot to a user" to post the approval to the user's chat. This all works fine and as it should, the only thing I find very confusing from an end-user perspective is that there are actually two banner notifications popping up:


2020-11-25 16_21_58-Start.png


The upper one is directing to the Adaptive Card where the user can take the action.

The lower one is actually directing the user to the "Home" tab of the Power Automate App in Teams, where the user will see his Flows (if he has built any) but not his approvals or the adaptive card - which is what I would expect.

Is it possible to either deactivate this notification or configure it so it makes more sense? On mobile you get only one notification as expected.

I can see a lot of complaints incoming already if this cannot be "fixed".

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@mwolfsp I'm wondering the exact same thing. Additionally, I have users asking how to suppress the notifications entirely as well. Can't figure out how to configure this behaviour.