Teams Messaging extension is not showing "choiceset" field in the android teams app and for IOS.

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I have created one teams messaging extension.

In which for input parameters in manifest file i have used one "choiceset" input parameter and text fields that is working fine in desktop teams and on browser, but when I try to use same teams extension from  android, drop down  for Choiceset is missing there.


And in IOS its not even opening the screen for input parameters.

Below code i have used for "Choiceset".


"name": "canvas",
"title": "Screen Canvas (Optional)",
"description": "",
"inputType": "choiceset",
"choices": [
"title": "AR Camera",
"value": "1"
"title": "Black Background",
"value": "2"
"title": "White Background",
"value": "3"


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Sound like a bug

I would raise it here:

Let me know when your raised it and send the link and I will pass it onto Teams engineering

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
We are able repro this issue. We will get back to you soon.



Also there is one more issue, if there is long description for checkbox field it cut downs the text in IOS and but works fine with android.



Original text is as shown below:




It is happening in messaging extension action?
For the choiceset, we have raised the bug. We will let you know the updates. Thanks
yes, the above issue is in the same teams messaging extension for IOS.
Thanks, I will check with internal team and update you.

@Hiral_Patel - Concerned team is looking into it. We will let you know once it is resolved.

Is there any update or estimated time scale?

@Hiral_Patel --

We have raised a bug internally. We do not have an ETA to share but we will share updates on this thread. Thanks for understanding.

@Hiral_Patel - Team is looking into that issue. As of now I don't have such updates to share. 


@Hiral_Patel - We came to know that this issue is not a bug but a feature gap on mobile. It will gonna take time to be available as it's a feature gap.

@Christopher Hoard - We checked this issue again. We can see the input choice set in Teams in Android devices. However, in iOS it's still not visible. Please do verify at your end.


Teams Version: 





Teams Version: 





Prasad Das


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